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Flo Ryan

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My artist name is Flo Ryan and I´m a multiinstrumenalist from Austria, born in 1994. I learnt my first instrument, which was the guitar, when I just tunrned 16 years old. Since then I tought myself over 20 instruments - including the irish Bouzouki, Jaw Harp, Hulusi, Duduk, Tin Whistle, Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes and many more. Since 2014 I also build whistles of different kinds. In 2022 I developed an innovative irish style whislte made of carbon fiber, brass and 3D printed PLA. I also produce music in my homestudio. In 2008 I founded my own label "innsonus records" and produced two albums for my band "INNANNA".


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My studio work includes:

x producing custom music for ads (Jingles), film and video games

x mixing of existing audio files

Please contact me for more information on production time and prices.


Kawai MP10 Stage Piano/ Master Keyboard

Softube Console 1

SilentMax Custom PC

Fireface UFX+

Focusrite 18i20

SPL Goldmike Class A Tube Pre

Selbstgebaute Akustikmodule

Plug-ins (excerpt)

Softube SSL XL 9000 K,

Softube British Class A

Softube Drawmer S73

Softube Weiss Compressor/Limiter

NI Raum

Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven Professional

Waves Plug-ins


Neumann TML 102

Neumann KM184 (Stereopaar)

Neumann KMi (Vintage)

AKG 414 EB

Sennheiser MK 8

Sennheiser E945

Shure SM57


Softube Tape

Ambeo Orbit


NI Supercharger

Brusfri DeNoiser

Softube TSAR-1R


DAW - Cubase 10 Pro

Davinci Resolve 


Heavyocity Natural Forces

Softube Console 1

Softube Saturation Knob

Scarlett Compressor

NI Le Grandeur

Kontakt Elements Selection





Original handmade music made by Maria Ma, Gernot Reichholf and Flo Ryan. A huge variaty of unknow, old and self built instruments. Mystic sounds paired with captivating grooves.


(Bal-)Folk music for dancers and listeners. Building bridges between tradional instruments and new melodies.

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