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Online workshops are available for:

x Jaw Harp

x Didgeridoo

x Tin Whistle

x Native American Style Flute

starting from the very first steps up to learning advenced techniques


To book a workshop with me, please send me an email with date and timezone:

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Tin Whistle

The Tin Whistle is a traditional instrument from Ireland, which is also often used in movie and video game soundtracks. It has a range of two octaves and is easy to learn.


This "flute" is a traditional instrument of the native americans. It has a soulful and rich tone. The Native American Style Flute is perfect for improvisation and meditation. It is also a great starting instrument beacause of it´s easy playablility.

One instrument, hundreds of names. The Jaw harp is both, fastcinating and versatile. The comobination of breath and rhythm makes the sound of this instrument a journey for players and listeners.

The Didgeridoo is one of the oldest instruments of humanity. Despite  it´s rather simple appearance, there are countless sounds and effects you can produce. Turn your breath and your voice in something magical.


Native American Style Flute


Jaw Harp

How to get in touch?

x send an email (or use the form below) with your preferred date and time zone to 

x get an invitation link

x open up the invitation link at the agreed date and the lessons starts

Attendance via smartphone, tablet, laptop or tower PC (this may require an additional webcam and microphone)

Having questions? Feel free to contact me!

Workshop/ Lessons

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